Food, Tourism and Culture center KARS

Kars has various powerful aspects in Food, Tourism and Culture.

Why should Kars be invested?

End point of European Route of E-80 Highway
There has been an important potential in terms of underground sources.
Goose presence within the current animal potential has an important potential.
Plantation and diesel fuel support is provided for corn silage.

Commercial and Logistic Center of Turkey and Europe Opening to Caucasus and Middle Asia

Stone processing has improved and there has been great amount of natural stone reserves.
Transit road connecting Hopa port to Iran pass through the province boundaries.
Young and trainable labor potential thanks to its population with 552.000 people
Coverage zone for Turkey-Iran Common Organized Industrial Site

KarsNumerical Data

Annual Tourism Potential (Overnight Amount)
Gross Domestic Product per person
Total Alive Animal Value (Thousands TL)
Export (1000 USD) according to Economical activities (ISIC, Rev. 3)