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Development Agencies have been established with the aim of improving the cooperation between public section, private section

andnongovernmental organizations, ensuring the efficient and appropriate usage of the sources and accelerating the Regional development by realizing the local potential, ensuring the sustainability and decreasing the developmental differences between regions and within the region. There are 26 development agencies in our country. Serhat Development Agency (SERKA) operating in Ağrı, Ardahan, Iğdır and Kars is one of the development agencies established with the aim of accelerating the local development process and realizing the activities which are of vital importance for the region where they are. The Agency launched its activities in the Region following the General Secretary's coming to the duty in 2010 and first-employment process in April 2010.

Board of Directors Network of Serhat Development Agency’s decisive body consists of Governors of Ağrı, Ardahan, Iğdır and Kars, Mayos, Chairpersons of Chambers of Trade and Industry and Chairpersons of General Provincial Assembly (totally 16 members). Governors carry out the position of Chairperson of Board of Directors for one year by turns.

Kars Investment Support Office started to operate in Kars under the 15th article of “Law on Establishment, Coordination and Duties of Development Agencies” dated 25.01.2006 and numbered 5449 and under the 3th article of Resolution of 12th Session of Board of Directors dated 25.02.2011 of Serhat Development Agency.

1 coordinator and 1 expert are in charge in Kars Investment Support Office operating in the headquarter of Serhat Development Agency.

Kars ISO’s responsibility is to introduce the business environment and investment opportunities in Kars to the local and international investors, assist to the entrepreneurs intended to make investments in Kars. Kars ISO has the position of a bridge between the investors and Kars by providing the necessary technical support.

All services provided by Kars ISO are free of charge.


Notifying the investor on the investment opportunities and potential of Kars
Providing information about industries
Assisting to investors on investment places
Assisting for legal and bureaucratic operations
Notifying the investors on incentives and supports
Assisting the investors on cooperations
Advertising the business and investment opportunities of Kars in a national and international level