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Cultural and Historical Richness

Kars, being the door of Turkey opening to Middle Asia and Caucasus has been the appeal center for foreigners in each term thanks to its cultural structure and natural beauties. Ani Ancient City, Sarıkamış Ski Center, Camuşlu Rock Paintings, Çıldır River, Susuz Waterfall, Kars castle, Kümber Mosque (Havariler Church), Evliya Mosque and Ebul Hasan Harakani Mausoleum at the city center, Turkish bathes, Stone Bridge, Tabyalar and stone constructions built after 1878 Russian occupation are the primary historical and natural beauties appealing to the tourist. PUSHKIN and GURDJIEFF during the Russian occupation and Orhan PAMUK in 1990s created routes for their visits to see the beauties of Kars in-place. Groups are visiting Kars from Istanbul, Ankara and Russia by following these routes.