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Investment Areas

KARS, the door of Anatolia opening to Caucasus has been located on important trade and migration routes throughout the history. Being located on a large area on northeast of our country, KARS has lost its economical and political power relatively upon the separation of Ardahan and Iğdır which were its north and south districts in 90s. Having a closed boundary door despite of being a boundary city, severe climate conditions and being away from the big cities have limited the economical development of Kars. However thanks to improvement of the technology in the recent years, ease in the transporation, increase in public investments, making up the infrastructural deficiencies, increase in the importance of the energy and trade routes through the region, development in the visions of region people and investors and governmental supports and incentives provided for the private sector investments, KARS provides a great potential for investors.

Although there are 900 thousands of people registered to KARS population, the population of Kars in 2013 consisted of 300 thousands of people and city center population consisted of 77.674 people. 30% of the province population are under 15 age and approximately 84 thousands of people (28%) are in the age rage of 15-29. Square measure of KARS of which urbanization rate is 43% is 10.127 km2 and its altitude is 1.768 mt.

16.000 college students are provided with education and 760 academical personnel are working in 10 faculties, 3 institutes, 3 colleges, 7 vocational colleges, 1 conservatory and 17 Research and Application Center within Caucasus University.

Having the capacity for 2 million passengers upon the renewal in 2013, KARS Airport is open for international flights and 14 fligts to Istanbul, 10 flights to Ankara and 2 flights to Izmir are realized for each week. In addition to the fligts, Orient Express providing service in KARS-Ankara-Istanbul line is in service for everyday in week. KARS is connected to Erzurum and Ardahan which are its neighbors with the 174 km divided road; and also the KARS-Iğdır divided road is under construction currently. Access from KARS to two different major cities within 3 hours with the Bakü-Tiflik-KARS railway line to have a transportation capacity for 1 million passengers and 6,5 million tones of load in first stage which is under construction currently will be possible: