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Convenient Winter Tourism Opportunities

Sarıkamış Ski Center located on the hillsides of Bayraktepe (Cıbıltepe) of 2.634 mt. provides service for the ski lovers with its long ski-run, qualified accommodation centers, scotch pine forests preventing the snowslip danger and coarse-grained crystal snow quality only seen in this region other than Alps. Although majority of the year is sunny, the snow stays in the ground without losing any characteristic of the first day of falling. Ski championships, Winter Games, off-road competitions are organized in Sarıkamış which has a special place among the most important ski centers in our country. Ski season differs in accordance with the season conditions and Sarıkamış hosts ski lovers between 15 November and 15 April in each year. Alps-disciplined and North-disciplined ski activities can be realized in the ski-runs where snow thickness are one meter on average and there are tracks for tour ski and slide tours. There is a 5 meter long ‘Cross Country’ run in Sarıkamış which has been certified by Federation Internationale de Ski. And the construction of Mountain Coaster run which is the sole example in Turkey was completed and ready for service.

Ski areas in Bayraktepe are located on a plateau increasing 2.200 mt. to 2.900 mt. Total length of the runs of which amount reached to 9 is 25 km. The longest one of the runs which have two stages is 3.500 mt.

There are 5 runs from the summit to the first stage and 2 runs from the first stage through the below. Additionally, 2 runs pass through summit to Karanlıkdere. Also there is a 200 mt. snowboard run in the region. 2.400 mt. run in the first stage is for the beginners and 4 runs of the second stage which is 2.200 mt. long provide service for 4 different difficulty level. 1.610 mt. Karanlıkdere run has an elevation for 28%. The run which Sarıkamış people call as ‘Çılgınlar Pisti (Crazy’s Run)’ is open only for professional skiers.

Access to the runs are realized by chairlifts with 2.400 people capacity in hour. Computerized chairlifts which have 4 people capacity in each part carry the skiers with the accompaniment of scotch pine view in two stages. At the below point of the fist stage, an additional chairlift to Hotels part was opened for service in 2015. There have been leisure centers within the scope of Erzincan - Erzurum - Kars Toruism Corridor Project in Hotels part.

10 tourism facilities (one in 5 star standards, 7 in 3 star standards and 2 apart hotels) with 540 rooms and 1.359 bed capacity totally provide service in Tourism Center.

Elevation of the first stage run which is surrounded by the pine forests are suitable for the beginners and thanks to its lightening system, it is open for the skiers who want to ski at night. It is possible to reach to the summit in the second stage by using chairlift. There are 4 run options at the peak point which is located before the view of Allahuekber, Aladağ and Sarıkamış location. There are coffee houses in service for resting at the first stage and Karanlıkdere.